A Quick Guide to Cloth Diapers

May 20, 2024, cassieley

I recently shared that I use cloth diapers part-time as a cost-saving measure. Before using cloth diapers, I had no idea how to begin, so I wanted to expand a bit for those interested but overwhelmed by the idea of using cloth diapers. My top tips are to pick the type of diaper that works for you, ensure you get a good fit on your baby, and figure out a wash routine to keep your diapers clean.

baby girl with cloth diaper

There are many different kinds of cloth diapers to choose from. Check out this site for an explanation of 9 different cloth diapers. Some diapers require more folding and making, and others are more user-friendly for beginners. I chose pocket diapers from Nora’s Nursery because of their simplicity, and I have had a good experience with them. Pocket diapers are named for the pocket that you put an absorbent insert into, and they have snaps that allow you to size the diaper on a wide range of babies – mine run from about 10-30 pounds. They seem to be a popular pick. Different options may be better for different people based on price and how involved they are.

Cloth diapers hanging while drying under the sun on clothesline.

I was surprised that I had fewer leaks and blowouts with cloth diapers than I did with disposables- that is, as long as I got the fit right. As my daughter grew, sometimes I was unsure how to get the fit right. There are cloth diapering Facebook groups, and people often request “fit checks,” where they share a picture of their baby, and more seasoned cloth diaper users advise on how to improve the fit. Many people prefer cloth diapers for their performance compared to disposables.

Mother changing cloth diaper on young baby.Figuring out a wash routine may have been the piece that felt most overwhelming to me. However, the website Fluff Love University made it simple. Considering the type of washing machine you have and your water hardness level, you can use the information on the website to plan your wash routine. You will know your wash routine is not working if your diapers do not smell clean. If you need assistance troubleshooting your wash routine, many moms in cloth diapering Facebook groups will be ready to help. It is also important to note that if your baby is exclusively breastfed, you do not need to rinse stool, but as soon as you introduce solids or use formula, you need to spray off solid waste before washing. You can purchase a sprayer attachment for the toilet from Amazon. I do not find washing diapers overwhelming or time-consuming, but some services wash diapers for you.

10 month old baby boy in blue cloth diaper crawling at home

When my husband first brought up the idea of cloth diapers while I was pregnant, I initially thought, “Eww! People still use cloth diapers?” As it turns out, it is not so bad, and many people use cloth diapers. Some people are passionate about cloth diapers, and it is like a hobby to them. They are a wealth of knowledge and are often happy to share it! You don’t have to be to use cloth diapers. For me, it is simply a way to save some money – diapers add up! I use them part-time and do not stress about it. Cloth diapering does not have to be all or nothing.