Creating Healthy Habits as a Family

January 29, 2024
My husband and I have struggled to prioritize our health and well-being like we were able to before we had our daughter. We have spent a lot of time discussing how we can improve in these areas together as a family and how to incorporate our daughter into these lifestyle changes.

Alleviating Fear of the Dentist

October 16, 2023
Are you or your child afraid of the dentist? Here are some tips to help you both feel less scared and more excited about seeing the dentist.

Preparing for the 4 Month Sleep Regression

August 21, 2023
Lack of sleep has been one of the biggest challenges for me as a new parent, and if you are experiencing this, you have my empathy. It can make parenting feel overwhelming and make it hard to enjoy the newborn phase. Sleep specialists agree that focusing on awake windows, adequate sleep, calorie intake, and a bedtime routine can help set babies up for a better night of sleep.

Feelings are hard

March 20, 2023
My three-year-old Carson is learning all about his feelings lately, which has been very challenging for the whole family.

Guest Blogger: Kyle Isaacs, Mouth Breathing and Sleep Issues

January 17, 2022
Signs your child may not be getting quality sleep and some steps you can take to help.

Dealing with a Sick Toddler and the Very Real Mom Burn Out

December 6, 2021
Our little family all got sick. We're all doing better now, but dealing with being sick myself, taking care of a sick Delilah, and then trying to get things back to normal once we were all well again, has left me feeling incredibly burnt out.

Encouraging Delilah's Independence

October 25, 2021
I think it's most important to remember that Delilah's capable and wants to interact with as much of her life as she and it's my job to encourage her as she goes!

Delilah's List of Favorites

October 11, 2021
Delilah has started sharing a lot of her opinions and so we've been learning all of Delilah's Favorite Things. So I've started writing things down and taking notes and here is her current list of Favorite Things