Staying Sane This Summer

August 31, 2020
Now everyone is always home, all the time and it has taken some adjustment by everyone. So, we’ve tried to find ways to have some fun at home and keep us from going crazy, or driving each other crazy!

Delilah Takes to the Skies

August 17, 2020
Since Delilah was born almost the exact day Oregon went into quarantine, I’ve joked that her car seat and diaper bag have been the least used baby items we purchased.

Continuing to Grow

May 4, 2020
Is there anything lovelier than springtime in Oregon? Well, it maybe if we weren’t in a pandemic?

Different than Originally Planned

April 20, 2020
A lot of things are looking different lately, like our children’s birthday celebrations.

Persevering during Quarantine

April 6, 2020
We are going into week 4 of quarantine and just when I think I have this whole quarantine life down, something changes.

We're All In This Together

March 23, 2020
Since the beginning of January I have had two international travels and I remember seeing many travelers with masks and using sanitizer more than normal.