Feelings are hard

March 20, 2023
My three-year-old Carson is learning all about his feelings lately, which has been very challenging for the whole family.

Our Favorite Thing - Kitchen Tower

January 30, 2023
These stools have been the best things for our kids, and we absolutely love them. Yes, they come with some challenges, but it allows our kids to learn independence.

Another Hospital Visit

January 16, 2023
About a month after being admitted to the hospital with RSV, Caleb ended up getting sick again and going to the hospital.

Traveling with kids – Plane Rides

November 21, 2022
Our very first family vacation traveling via airplane.

Our recent experience with RSV

November 14, 2022
Our family just went through RSV, and it was the hardest thing we have had to deal with so far. 


September 26, 2022
To me, teething is one of the hardest things to go through for little ones. They are in pain due to the gums cutting open. They cannot tell you what is going on, and there is not a ton that we can do to help them get through it.

Water Play

September 19, 2022
With these hot summers comes the need to find ways to cool off. Our family loves to play in the water, and I am not saying going to a lake or stream/river somewhere (which are also great options), I am talking about playing in the backyard. Now, because I have two young children who I must keep very close eyes on when playing near any water, it is much easier for me to give them a hose in the backyard and let them play with it. I found this to be the easiest way to keep them cool and allow them to play outside at home.