The Hardest and Best Parts of Parenting

September 21, 2020
Being a parent is awesome but it definitely has challenges. I want to share with you the hardest parts of parenting and the best parts of parenting. First off, let me give you some background.

The Positive Side of Quarantine

September 7, 2020
I think we can agree that life before quarantine was busy, at least my life was that way. Family life is demanding and well there is not a lot of time to do it all. Quarantine has made everyone slow down.

Family Closeness and Support

August 24, 2020
When I met my now husband Kody, he too valued family. Over the years both of our families have been very supportive as we became parents and have grown over the years. Knowing that we can count on our families for support has been a great blessing!

Decision-Making as Parents: The 4Cs

August 10, 2020
As parents, we decisions to make when it comes to childcare, preschool, and school for the coming school year. Parenting has many challenges and now there is an added layer of complexity because of COVID-19.

Preparing for Fall

July 27, 2020
As a parent that likes to plan ahead, I have been asking myself, “What can I plan for fall?”

Simplicity This Summer

July 13, 2020
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I am very open about being bicultural. I grew up with traditions, foods, and ways of doing things that are different than most folks within my community.

Camping: A Family Adventure

June 29, 2020
Camping really should be enjoyable as much as possible. Camping with young children is demanding but it gives everyone an opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, individually and together.

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

June 2, 2020
It is officially the month of June which means we are just halfway through the year, 2020. I am a total planner and problem solver but the current situation is clearly out of my wheelhouse. Many times, I have felt a bit stuck.

As The Year Winds Down

December 16, 2019
I enjoyed reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul books while growing up. The books were filled with true inspirational stories of hope and happiness. The stories were written by many different people who had faced adversity or had overcome challenges. Somehow, they were able to draw from hope and see the good in the situation. It was inspiring to see how the writers took control of their lives and found good in difficult situations.

A Centered Holiday Season

December 5, 2019
It is December and we are in the thick of holiday season celebrations. This is my eighth holiday season as a parent and I feel confident in how I celebrate. To me, focusing on simplicity makes for a more peaceful and joyous holiday season. More importantly, it honors the true spirit of the holiday season by allowing space to enjoy time with our cherished ones.