(English) Delilah's List of Favorites

October 11, 2021
(English) Delilah has started sharing a lot of her opinions and so we've been learning all of Delilah's Favorite Things. So I've started writing things down and taking notes and here is her current list of Favorite Things

(English) The Girl’s Got Personality

August 30, 2021
(English) As Delilah's getting older it seems as though her personality is developing more and more each day!

(English) Delilah's 15 Month Checkup

July 12, 2021
(English) Delilah is now 15 months old and I feel like we have had leaps and bounds in her development since her last checkup. I was so excited about this appointment.

(English) Picky Eating

May 17, 2021
(English) No matter what, I'm still going to continue offering her a variety of foods to her, so they’re available when she decides to give them another try.

(English) Words, words, words

April 26, 2021
(English) When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap and when someone she knows walks into the room she says, "Hi," and smiles really big. It's the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!

(English) The Teething Terror

April 19, 2021
(English) We've known for a little while now that Delilah had some new teeth coming in but so far, any teething troubles had been mild. Until a few days ago…

(English) Ditching the pacifier

March 15, 2021
(English) We have been making some big changes in the recent weeks. Much to my surprise we managed to get Delilah to give up her pacifier in just a few days!

(English) Delilah on the Move

February 1, 2021
(English) Delilah’s days of crawling will soon be behind her because this girl is ready to walk! At least she thinks she is ready, which has me terrified to be completely honest.

(English) Delilah's Room

December 7, 2020
(English) This past week I took on the project of rearranging Delilah’s bedroom.

(English) Finding the Right Sippy Cup

November 23, 2020
(English) Finding the right sippy cup has been so much harder than I ever imagined.