(English) Delilah's List of Favorites

October 11, 2021
(English) Delilah has started sharing a lot of her opinions and so we've been learning all of Delilah's Favorite Things. So I've started writing things down and taking notes and here is her current list of Favorite Things

(English) Looking Forward to Fall

September 27, 2021
(English) When it comes to activities and celebrations September - December has to be my favorite time of year, so, I thought it would be fun to list all the activities I'm looking forward to this season.

(English) The Girl’s Got Personality

August 30, 2021
(English) As Delilah's getting older it seems as though her personality is developing more and more each day!

(English) Delilah's First Sleepover aka Mom's Night Off

August 23, 2021
(English) Delilah had her first sleepover this weekend!

(English) T is for Tantrums and Teething

August 16, 2021
(English) This past week or so has kind of been a double whammy because on top of the tantrums, Delilah is currently getting 3 of her molars at the same time.

(English) The Quest for High Protein Snacks

August 9, 2021
(English) Delilah is going through a picky eating phase so, I started keeping a food log to see what Delilah was eating every day and offering her new foods to balance her diet.

(English) Delilah Goes to The Dentist

July 26, 2021
(English) It felt good to be proactive with Delilah's dental care and I was really glad we went to her first-ever appointment with the dentist. Plus, Delilah got a new toothbrush for going and that made her very happy!

(English) Delilah's Favorite Summer Activities

July 19, 2021
(English) Delilah's been loving all the extra fun were packing into our summer days, so I thought it would be fun to share some of her favorite activities so far!

(English) Delilah's 15 Month Checkup

July 12, 2021
(English) Delilah is now 15 months old and I feel like we have had leaps and bounds in her development since her last checkup. I was so excited about this appointment.

(English) Delilah's Summer Bounty

June 28, 2021
(English) Delilah loves going out to the garden with me. She loves helping me water and snacking on the ripe strawberries. I truly hope that doing these activities will not only help Delilah develop practical skills, but also give her happy memories associated with summer.