(English) Delilah's 12-Month Well Baby Visit

March 29, 2021
(English) Delilah is now a one-year-old! It's still hard to believe!

(English) Ditching the pacifier

March 15, 2021
(English) We have been making some big changes in the recent weeks. Much to my surprise we managed to get Delilah to give up her pacifier in just a few days!

(English) Delilah's 9-Month Well Baby Checkup and ASQ

December 21, 2020
(English) Time is going by so fast! It feels like she was born yesterday and yet I’m already thinking about her first birthday.

(English) Real Talk about Baby Sleep

October 12, 2020
(English) There is no 100% right way when it comes to raising a baby and that it’s OKAY to figure out what works best for you.