Family Connects Oregon is a free evidence-based, nurse home visiting program for all families with newborns. Because all babies deserve the healthiest possible start.

The Family Connects Oregon program provides between one and three nurse home visits to a family beginning at about three weeks of age. There are no eligibility requirements, participation is voluntary and encouraged, and there is no cost to the family for the visit. Foster families and those adopting babies are also welcome to participate in this program.  The Family Connects Oregon program is being offered in partnership with Pollywog and the Health Departments in Lincoln, Linn, and Benton counties on behalf of the Oregon Health Authority.

How the Program Works:  After you deliver your baby, the Maternity Ward nurses will speak to you about accepting a Family Connects visit, and you can request that one of the Nurse Home Visitors come to your bedside and speak to you about the visit and what it entails.  (Currently, only telehealth visits are being scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions.)  If you agree to the visits, the appointment will be scheduled for approximately three weeks later.

When the Nurse Home Visitor arrives in your home, they will check on:

Infant Health

  • Weight and Measurements
  • Health History
  • Vaccinations / Medications / Vitamin D shots
  • Parent Concerns
  • Feeding History
    • Lactation concerns
    • Formula preparation and storage
    • Pumping and storage

Maternal Health

  • Health History
  • Prenatal Care
  • Labor & Delivery / Postpartum Recovery
  • Current Concerns
  • Vaccinations / Medications / Postnatal Visits
  • Family Planning
  • Lactation Concerns
  • Emergency Warning Signs

Family Well-being

  • Attachment and Bonding
  • Insurance in place
  • Pediatrician in place
  • Regular, Respite and Emergency Care
  • Food and Financial Security
  • Diapers, Crib, Car Seats, Clothes
  • Smoke and CO2 Detectors
  • Safety in Neighborhood

Research shows that 94% of families who participate in the nurse home visits report additional needs after the birth of a child, including needs for specific education, recommendations, or community service referrals. All families benefit from the supportive guidance provided by Family Connects nurses. Our mission is to connect you with resources that nurture your whole family and support your child. It’s about planting seeds for the future. Together, we’re growing healthy babies!

Home Visiting Nurses

  • Monica Boylan, RN

    Linn County

  • Karol Elizondo, RN

    Benton County

  • Breeze Powell, RN

    Lincoln County

  • Emily Middleton, RN

    Linn County

  • Barb Pool, RN

    Benton County

  • Amy Lunstedt, RN

    Lincoln County

  • Amanda Wilkerson, RN

    Linn County

  • Rylee Wetmore, RN

    Benton County

  • Heidi Harrington, RN

    Lincoln County

Get Connected Now

Fill out self-referral form and indicate your interest in Family Connects to get signed up for services.

Benton County
Melissa Leon
Phone: (541) 766-6376

Linn County
Laura Jimenez
Phone: (541) 967-3888 x 2489

Lincoln County
Kelly Liles
Phone: (541) 265-0457