Lack of Sunshine in the Winter

February 10, 2020, admin

Growing up in Oregon you get use to the weather. You eventually normalize the grey skies, rain and lack of sunshine. Luckily when growing up, every other year my family and I would fly down to Mexico in the winter to visit relatives. I strongly remember the climate differences. Flying into sunshine was delightful as was the warmth and the colorful topiary that comes with sunny weather. Winters in Oregon weather bearable with planned vacations, indoor sports activities and as I was older winter sports in the snow.

As a mother I found winter weather challenging and limiting for recreational activities with small children. The cold wet rain isn’t the most pleasant to be out with small children. I have to say that my husband does not struggle with getting outdoors in the cold wet rain like I do. One of the things that I have enjoyed during the winter have been indoor parent child classes, you can check them out here. Connecting with other parents, that are in the same part of life and have social connections for your little ones as well. It is nice to have something to look forward to during the week and have a good reason to get out of the house.

Normally I do enjoy and have natural motivation to participate in activities. Last year around this time I was not feeling at my normal levels of energy. It during the same time that I had a routine checkup with my doctor. After a medical test I found out I was deficient on Vitamin D3. Which is a common issue for folks living in the area due to our weather. So I was able to purchase Vitamin D3 wit the appropriate IU levels. My plan was to take it with my daily vitamin. As the year passed by I was pretty inconsistent in taking it. As the next winter has rolled around I had another yearly routine appointment. With my annual appointment nearing I stated thinking about my health. I had forgotten to routinely take my Vitamin D3 throughout the past year. This year going forward I have a better method to be successful in keep up on my Vitamin D3. I went to Market of Choice and purchased liquid drops of Vitamin D3. Now I have the bottle on my nightstand. Taking my Vitamin D3 is part of my nighttime routine.

As time has gone I have learned to be up to date and aware of my own health. I have also come to know the importance of having positive activities to do in during the winter. Please check out our newsletter for great information and tips. 

Please check with your medical provider for your own Vitamin D3 levels and for recommend doses. It is something to look into as we live in an area that has months with limited sunshine.

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