Delilah’s First Sleepover aka Mom’s Night Off

August 23, 2021, Hailey Cain

Well kind of. My mom was house-sitting for a friend and offered to keep Delilah with her for a night.  She’s had sleepovers before in my mom’s room at home, but this was the first sleepover away from home. It actually worked out perfectly because we wanted to take Delilah to the carnival at the carousel in Albany on Saturday so we just had her stay with my mom after.

Delilah had a lot of fun at the carnival, she was still too small for a lot of the games but she loved the prizes that we won for her, and she had a blast on the carousel. I wasn’t sure how she would do sitting by herself on one of the animals, but she did fine with it. At first, we had her on a Llama with flowers and she pointed to them and said “fla-flas”. Then when my mom took her on she picked the “ki-ki”, which was actually a lion, to sit on and petted it during the ride.  We will definitely be bringing her back sometime soon!

After the carnival, we dropped Delilah off with my mom to spend the night. When we dropped her off, Delilah went right into the living room and started asking for music to be put on. We put some on and I showed my mom where I packed all Delilah’s things in her backpack. When it was time to say goodbyes, Delilah was so busy dancing and playing with the dogs that it was difficult to get a hug goodbye. Even with Delilah being away from home for the night without me, I wasn’t worried. She always has a great time when she spends the night in her grandma’s room.

On our drive home, Joshua and I decided we wanted to try and go out for a date night and do something we normally aren’t able to do when we go out with Delilah. We decided we wanted to go out to a bar for dinner and play some pool. Joshua and I used to go out and do that before we had a baby and we always had a lot of fun because we’re both very competitive, but not all that great at pool. We went home first so I could freshen up my makeup and outfit so it felt like a true date night. I even put on earrings. We almost didn’t make it out the door because, when I went to sit down “for just one minute”, I nearly fell asleep and had to force myself off the couch to get ready.  After all that it was really unfortunate that we found the bar closed due to being short-staffed, a common problem these days, but oh well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a parent, it’s to just roll with it when things don’t go as planned. So, we picked up some takeout and drinks from the store and decided just to hang out at home. It was great, we watched some of our favorite shows and I even got to work on a little bit of my beading crafts.

I know it’s surprising but I didn’t want to sleep in too late on my morning off. I wasn’t sure what time my mom would be bringing Delilah home, so I wanted to at least have an hour or two before to take a nice shower and drink my coffee. While I drank my coffee, it was nice to hear from my mom that Delilah was awake and had a good night. She told me they wouldn’t be back until later that afternoon so was going to have a few more hours to myself. I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I cleaned my whole house on Friday so I wouldn’t have to worry about that. I was torn on what to do so I went back and forth between working on crafts and just relaxing doing nothing.

As the hours went on I really started to miss my baby. I think Delilah missed me too because my mom video chatted with me to tell me Delilah had been saying “mama” when she saw my face pop up on the screen from messenger. They were having a lazy Sunday too, relaxing on the couch and eating snacks. I was glad to see she was having fun but I was starting to get anxious to have her home. They ended up taking longer to get home, so I thought I’d get up and get dinner ready so I could do nothing but spend the evening with Delilah when she got home.  They got home just in time to water the garden and eat dinner. I was waiting with my shoes on to go greet her in the car. We picked some blackberries from the garden to go with her dinner and went inside. Now the only thing I have planned for the rest of the night is relaxing with my baby. It was nice to have a night off, but for now, one night is plenty.