Introduction to Sierra!

August 7, 2023, admin

Picture of Sierra. White woman with long dark hair in a black shirt smiling at the camera.Hello, my name is Sierra, and I have lived in the Corvallis/Albany area for the past nine years. My husband, Nate, and I came here to go to OSU and slowly fell in love with the area. It has become our home. We are both from a very small town (around 2,500 people), so we appreciate how easy it is to find something to do in the area, like the summer concerts and discovering new walking paths to explore.

Sierra and Nate with baby Camille.I am a school counselor and am currently taking an extended maternity leave to be home with my three-month-old baby, Camille. As a new mother, I’ve experienced breastfeeding challenges, postpartum anxiety, deep joy, and the other ups and downs that come with this big life transition called parenthood. I have found so much comfort in reading websites articles and blog posts recently. It’s a nice reminder that I’m not alone in the difficult parts of postpartum recovery and motherhood. I hope that my posts will be helpful for you in this way, too.

Sierra bottle feeding baby Camille.I enjoy working on house projects with my husband, cooking (and eating!) good food, spending time outside in the sun, learning about nature, and now, watching our baby develop and discover the world. Camille has begun using her voice a lot and makes a sound similar to “hello,” which is very fun. She is also learning to use her hands and developing more control and strength with movement. Nate and I also have a German shepherd named Clyde (or Clydesdale) and a cat named Mo.

I look forward to connecting with our readers through the parent voice blog!