Independence Day Fun

June 18, 2018, admin

The fourth of July is always a summer highlight, and I look forward to having fun and making happy memories with my family. It’s an exciting holiday and also a day to be more cautious as many of us celebrate around water, fireworks or large gatherings.

Growing up in the valley, 4th of July was celebrated in Harrisburg where my family and I attended the 4th of July parade and evening firework show. I continue this childhood tradition with my husband and two sons. I am naturally a very cautious person and a person that likes to prep. I like to take a wagon/stroller, have snacks, ice water and chairs for the parade. Staying hydrated and cool is very important for everyone. Children are very transparent when it comes to being hungry. Packing snacks is always a good idea, and I like fresh fruit for warm summer days.

One thing that is a huge stress-reliever for parents is arriving on-time or better yet early to any event.  Having plenty of time to find a spot and setup is nice and avoids any extra anxiety from large crowds like parade days. I like to have plenty of time to setup, run kids to the restroom/change diapers, go over safety and relax. Karson is at a great age where he understands being safe and Samuel is at the stage in life where he just wants to explore and has no real sense of safety. This year the 4th of July parade will be exciting for Samuel. It is so much fun so see the “wow” facial expression on a child. I really enjoy parades with my sons because they get to see vehicles or presentations that are new and different.

In the evening we pack up chairs, blankets, and snacks to watch the firework show. It is pretty casual and the kids get to go in their pajamas. Fireworks still amaze me. I don’t buy fireworks but if you do be extra safe and cautious with your children. Burns are not fun for anyone. If you go camping or are near large bodies of water: stay safe! I really wish you a memorable, enjoyable and harmless 4th of July!