Introduction to Kyle

March 14, 2022, Kyle Isaacs

Photo of Kyle Isaacs in mask and gown holding a lamb Hello everyone!  My name is Kyle Isaacs, and I am an expanded practice dental hygienist, mother, wife, grandmother, and lover of life and helping people. I love to share my knowledge and help people learn and get and stay healthy. I work four days a week for Benton County in our adult and children’s dental clinic as well as at the Lincoln Health Center and the Lebanon Veterans Home. I am constantly thinking about what I can do to serve the community, and it brings me a ton of joy!

I grew up on the east coast in Delaware, where most of my family still lives. I have a daughter in Montana (my granddaughter too), one in California, and two step-sons, one in Portland and one in California, so, unfortunately, we are spread out.

Photo of Kyle Isaacs and husband Joseph

My husband Joseph and I bought a house on three acres in Monroe about eight years ago. We have planted a small orchard, berries, asparagus, and recently a variety of nut trees. We are working at being as self-sustainable as possible. We also raise a few sheep each year to help mow the grass, and then we harvest them for meat that we also eat.

Kyle Isaacs standing next to a very large log

We have had a few setbacks with growing vegetables because a pesky bug derailed our hopes of growing enough food to sell at the Farmers’ Market. So now we are scaling back and only growing for ourselves. I have learned through all this that not everything works out as planned, and sometimes the road you start down on might have some twists and turns that lead you to something even better that you did not think about at first.

I love the outdoors, gardening, hiking, skiing, camping, knitting, sewing, and traveling. Oh, I love to eat too!