A Day in the Life of a Baby

March 11, 2024, cassieley

During my daughter’s first few months of life, there were times her wake windows were so short I felt like I couldn’t fit in even the necessary nursing, diaper change, and tummy time. Now, all of a sudden, she can stay awake for much longer periods. As a stay-at-home mom, I aim to use our time wisely and create enriching experiences and learning opportunities for my daughter. Here is how I fill our time!

Mother carrying little child in baby sling in green mint color. Spending time outside has so many benefits for your little one– and you! I made sure to bring my daughter outside starting soon after she was born. She was slightly jaundiced, but being exposed to the sunlight quickly fixed that. Additionally, seeing the sun, especially in the morning, can help infants differentiate day and night and establish a better sleeping schedule. The change of environment is also an excellent tool for calming a fussy baby. Even past the newborn period, time outside is hugely beneficial. From the fresh air to the sunlight (when it is not cloudy and raining), the outdoors is great for the baby and you physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the early days, I would sit on our porch swing even just for a few minutes each morning, and now I take her on a walk most days- I like to make sure I have some light exercise built into my day. When in doubt, go out!

Dad reading book with his toddler son in living roomReading is another activity we enjoy daily. I was intentional about reading books to my daughter early on, and we have continued to read books every day. Maybe she mostly likes to put the books in her mouth, but she smiles every time I open a book and start reading to her. Parents who read their children one picture book a day expose their children to about 78,000 words a year. For us, the language exposure only begins with the book. If animals are in a book, I will ask, “What does the cow say? The cow says moo!” When we read “The Foot Book,” I squeeze my daughter’s feet while reciting “left foot, left foot, right foot, right.” As we look at a book about shapes, I name them and count how many sides they have. Be sure to sign your child up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to receive a book in the mail every month. We love to spend time reading books each day.

Moms and babies together at a playgroupFinally, I enjoy socializing with other parents and babies several days a week. I attend a mom’s group and Linn-Benton Community College’s “Live and Learn with Your Baby” class and get together with other moms informally. These provide great opportunities to gain ideas and encouragement from parents who can relate to the challenges I am experiencing and celebrate what is going well for each other. Watching my daughter start interacting with other babies and adults has also been fun. I tried to get out of the house and socialize for my well-being, but it has surprised me what a benefit it is to my daughter as well!

Ad for Vroom. You have what it takes to be a brain-builder!Most days, you can find my daughter and I enjoying time outside, reading, and socializing. Still, there are times, such as during the ice storm, when our routines are thrown off and our usual options are unavailable. When we get cabin fever, I like to check out the Vroom app. You can enter your child’s age and get suggestions for activities to engage your child, whether you are looking for tips for playtime or while you are cooking. These are my go-to ideas for spending time with my daughter, but every day is different. Babies keep you on your toes!