A Day in the Life of a Baby

March 11, 2024
As a stay-at-home mom, I aim to use our time wisely and create enriching experiences and learning opportunities for my daughter. Here is how I fill our time!

Navigating Housework as a New Mom

February 19, 2024
Getting work completed around the house looks different in different seasons, and I know it will continue to evolve as needed.

Food For Thought - Starting Solids

January 22, 2024
Recently, my daughter has been trying her first foods, and it has been an adventure for her, my husband, and me!

Lessons 2023 Taught Me as a New Parent  

January 8, 2024
I knew very little about babies and how to care for them before having my little one, and I received a lot of helpful advice from friends and family. I will share some of the information that I found most helpful and a few things I wish I had known earlier.

Speaking Up and Setting Boundaries

December 18, 2023
Now that my son has just turned a year old, I have been reflecting on this time last year and all our decisions. This year, I plan to speak up more and set better boundaries.

An Overview of Cloth Diapering

November 20, 2023
I will share my cloth diapering experience and hopefully help answer questions that folks who are new to cloth diapering have.

Postpartum Preparation

November 13, 2023
Though all new parents are sure to face challenges in the postpartum period, it can be a joyous time, and I would love to share a few tips on setting yourself up for success postpartum.

Overcoming Postpartum Anxiety

November 6, 2023
Of course, babies bring deep happiness and value to our lives, but their arrival can also bring changes that are more difficult to cope with. Like many women, I experienced what was later diagnosed as postpartum anxiety.

A New Mother’s Advice on Breastfeeding

October 9, 2023
I knew early on that I wanted to breastfeed. What I didn’t know was what a learning process it would be for me and my baby.

Two Things That Have Helped my Mental Health as a New Parent

September 25, 2023
Finding the time to rest and recover from birth while caring for a newborn can be challenging. We must find a balance between caring for our little ones and caring for ourselves.