The Diaper Rash Dilemma

February 22, 2021
A few weeks ago, we had to deal with diaper rash for the first time.

A Day in the Life of Delilah

January 19, 2021
Recently I've been thinking a lot about Delilah's daily schedule or routine.

Snack Time!

January 11, 2021
Here are some of Delilah’s favorite snack foods and different ways we prepare them

Transitioning to Finger Foods

November 16, 2020
Time for another blog about baby food!

Celebrating the Fall Season

October 19, 2020
With this our first year as parents, Joshua and I have been trying to celebrate fall with Delilah to the fullest and establish new traditions as a family.

Six Month Well-Baby Check-up and ASQ

September 28, 2020
My baby girl is growing so fast and I can hardly believe it!

Staying Sane This Summer

August 31, 2020
Now everyone is always home, all the time and it has taken some adjustment by everyone. So, we’ve tried to find ways to have some fun at home and keep us from going crazy, or driving each other crazy!

Adventures in Making Baby Food

August 4, 2020
At Delilah’s last well-baby visit, the doctor gave the go ahead to start feeding her solid food and it has been so exciting!

Well-Baby Visit: Four Months

July 20, 2020
Last Thursday was a big day for us! It was time for one of our very seldom trips out of the house with Delilah.

Preparing Meals After Baby

May 11, 2020
The first few days after bringing Delilah home from the hospital, I ate A LOT of cereal.