Food For Thought - Starting Solids

January 22, 2024
Recently, my daughter has been trying her first foods, and it has been an adventure for her, my husband, and me!

Postpartum Preparation

November 13, 2023
Though all new parents are sure to face challenges in the postpartum period, it can be a joyous time, and I would love to share a few tips on setting yourself up for success postpartum.

Do you know how much sugar is in your food?

April 10, 2023
When George Washington was alive, most people ate about four pounds of sugar a year. These days, adults eat about 60 pounds of sugar a year, and kids devour more than 65 pounds!

Messy Eating and Myofunctional Disorders

March 13, 2023
Is your child a messy eater? Are they super picky about what they eat, and do they prefer softer foods like chicken nuggets, apple sauce, and the like? Do they take a long time to finish a meal, or do they never finish it? What about eating so fast that they do not chew their food?

Starting Solids Foods

April 11, 2022
We started giving Caleb solid food about three weeks ago and are slowly introducing him to different foods. Eating solid food is both an exciting milestone and a very terrifying one at the same time.

Snacking and tooth decay

March 28, 2022
Did you know that snacking throughout the day can cause cavities? But you can do some helpful things to prevent cavities, even with snacking. Let’s look at some ideas.

Delilah Learns to Cook

December 27, 2021
It's incredible to me how much she knows how to do in the kitchen already. It makes me feel so good to see that she's happy and excited to help me cook the same way I was cooking with my mom and Grandma.

The Quest for High Protein Snacks

August 9, 2021
Delilah is going through a picky eating phase so, I started keeping a food log to see what Delilah was eating every day and offering her new foods to balance her diet.