Introduction to Shirley Blake

April 10, 2018, admin

Shirley BlakeHello there, my name is Shirley. I am a wife and mom of two boys, a 5-year-old and 1-year-old. I am a proud daughter of two immigrant parents. I was born and raised in Oregon’s marvelous Willamette Valley. I grew up in a small rural town where there were challenges, many opportunities, and a lot of growth.

I love being a mom; it has been the most demanding and rewarding experience. Motherhood challenges me to be a better, more patient person. Motherhood is rewarding because I am not one to give up, so when I figure something out or learn something new to help with my little ones, it is an awesome “Ah-ha” moment, and so rewarding! My kids have helped me be a better person, to slow down, and to enjoy the little things in life.

I want to share stories, experiences, and resources with you. I want to be real and honest, with a positive-outlook on life. They say motherhood is not easy, but worth it. I hope that we can all overcome any challenges we may face and make this whole parenting thing worth it, because it truly has been for me.

A few facts about me:

The Blake Family, photograph by Audra Terry Photography
  • My parents are farmers from Mexico.
  • I grew up on a tree farm, and I love trees.
  • I am bilingual: Spanish and English.
  • I live with three boys (husband, two sons).
  • I am a small-town girl.
  • I have two Labrador Retrievers: yellow & black.
  • We live in a house that we are remodeling around us.
  • I am a positivity-enthusiast!

Please come back next week when I begin my bi-weekly blog, and let me tell you about my experiences, thoughts, trials, and accomplishments.