Summer Activities

July 2, 2018, admin

I hope you all are having a great summer! The first week of summer, I was home with both of my sons and that was a week of adjustments. Samuel my youngest is use to his days without big brother around. Karson really likes to play alone, without interference of his little brother. Mom’s involvement in play helps guide play or ease tensions if they arise. There are many times where they play together successfully and I am very thankful for that.

The following week Karson went to VBS at the church in our neighborhood. Karson really enjoyed being around peers and having structure. I have learned that having your child engaged in fun & safe summer activities is a win for everyone. We all are truly lucky to live in such great communities that value children and offer many summer activities. There are also various summer camps in our region and I know that many have scholarships if needed.

I live in South Benton County. The summer activities I signed Karson up for are:

  • VBS (Vacation Bible School) many churches offer these half day programs free/low cost
  • AYSO soccer camp (scholarships may be available)
  • Art in the Park (free)
  • Parks & Recreation Summer Day Camp (scholarships may be available)
  • Summer Reading Program Monroe Community Library
  • Read on Wheels

I also have various playdates with Karson’s friends on the calendar. I too enjoy play dates because I get to hang out with my mom friends. I love my mom friends. Mom friends are important and remind you that you are not alone in your feelings or challenges. They also understand meltdowns. Moreover, mom friends are fun!

Samuel is almost two and he is easily entertained especially when outside. I am sure we can all agree that summers in Oregon are THE BEST! You don’t need toys because like Karson you can collect, leaves, rocks, sticks or look for bird feathers or insects.

I hope you all make it a point to plan fun summer activities for all to enjoy! Don’t forget to pack snacks, water, sunscreen lotion. Check out our newsletter with local summer activities listed. If you have any suggestions or would like to share what you like to do, please comment on our Facebook post! I love hearing what you have to say!