Christmas Traditions: Opting Out of Santa

December 25, 2023
I'm so grateful for my parents giving me the gift of a magical childhood. I will carry on some traditions from my childhood, others I may not keep, and we will also create new traditions of our own.

Affordable and Sustainably Minded Holiday Ideas

December 11, 2023
This year, I have made it a goal to reclaim the holiday season and start new traditions with my family that will add fun and meaning during the holiday season. Having a new baby gives my husband and me fresh eyes and a renewed sense of wonder and joy. I am excited to start new family traditions that, hopefully, my daughter will look back on with warmth in her heart.

Guest Blogger, Courtney Prete: 5 Tips For Getting Kids Outdoors

March 27, 2023
How do you introduce your kids to the outdoors and keep them having fun? I’m glad you’re here for this conversation because it’s important!

Water Play

September 19, 2022
With these hot summers comes the need to find ways to cool off. Our family loves to play in the water, and I am not saying going to a lake or stream/river somewhere (which are also great options), I am talking about playing in the backyard. Now, because I have two young children who I must keep very close eyes on when playing near any water, it is much easier for me to give them a hose in the backyard and let them play with it. I found this to be the easiest way to keep them cool and allow them to play outside at home.

Delilah Celebrates Halloween

November 8, 2021
We also took Delilah to the pumpkin patch and out trick or treating for Halloween this year.

Looking Forward to Fall

September 27, 2021
When it comes to activities and celebrations September - December has to be my favorite time of year, so, I thought it would be fun to list all the activities I'm looking forward to this season.

Delilah's Favorite Summer Activities

July 19, 2021
Delilah's been loving all the extra fun were packing into our summer days, so I thought it would be fun to share some of her favorite activities so far!

Delilah's Summer Bounty

June 28, 2021
Delilah loves going out to the garden with me. She loves helping me water and snacking on the ripe strawberries. I truly hope that doing these activities will not only help Delilah develop practical skills, but also give her happy memories associated with summer.