More Summer Activities

July 16, 2018, admin

We are in the midst of summer, and the heat is high. I started out the summer very eager to do various activities with the kids, but this past week we went into survival mode!

It was a very hot week, and as I have mentioned in past blogs, my husband and I bought a fixer-upper house. My awesome husband, Kody, has been redoing the roof. He is in the home stretch, and the shingles are almost completed. This summer our goals were to redo the roof, fence our property, and build a cover over the back patio. With the heat, hours spent working on the roof have been fewer, and it is too hot to be outside, so it was a week/weekend of improvisation.

On Saturday, I took the kids to the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo’s Grand Parade. We were in the shade, so it was cool and breezy. Karson and Samuel enjoyed the parade. Afterward, we went to the Car Show that was held at the Philomath City Park. Grandma Debbie (my mother-in-law) bought them snow cones and pizza. The snow cones were refreshing. In the afternoon, we took our dogs, Dolly and Dixie, to the river to cool off. They were very happy pups.

On Sunday, my husband and father-in-law worked on the roof until mid-morning when it became too hot to work. In the afternoon, we went to the coast. The coast was beautiful, and the weather was perfect: cool, windless, serene. The kids absolutely loved playing on the beach. Samuel loves the feel of the sand; he grabs sand by the handfuls and makes mounds. Karson loves collecting seashells, sticks, and looking for critters. It is very fun to watch them explore and be merry.

Living in Oregon is awesome. I really enjoy the summers. We have so many outdoor activity opportunities and lots of access to rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

Being connected to your community, or accessing your surrounding community’s website or Facebook page, helps to be aware of any kid-friendly events. Check out our July newsletter for more information regarding summer activities.