I Can’t Believe it’s December!

December 4, 2018, admin

Happy December!

Can you believe this is the last month of 2018? It has been a very interesting year indeed. I am looking forward to ending this year with peace and looking forward to what 2019 has in store. Also, take this as a friendly reminder that you have a few days short of a month to wrap-up those 2018 resolutions that were made in January!

On a serious note: what tops my list of thankfulness is health and wellbeing. I am happy to say that no one in my household is currently ill. A month and a half ago we were all so sick and that worst part of sickness is when I get sick and cannot care for anyone. As I have said before: access to healthcare is so important. I am thankful to have access and amazing healthcare providers. Thank you, Sam Health.

Nonetheless, every time there is an ill member of the family, the question “Why?” runs through my head. Due to my need to problem solve, I always tend to identify the cause. I think this is due to a lack of handwashing one day when my littlest was playing with other children. We left the facility in a rush because he was in much need for a nap. Next thing you know, we are all sick.

The majority of the time when we arrive to a place with other small children, we wash hands. Before we leave, we wash hands (or as soon as I get home). I learned about this routine when my oldest son started attending preschool. As soon as each child arrived, they washed hands to avoid spreading germs. Handwashing is so simple, yet a must to prevent spreading unnecessary germs.

Unless my kiddos are extremely tired, I have never really had a hard time getting my kids to wash their hands. A way to make handwashing fun is to purchase seasonal good-smelling soaps. My sons really like the soap that turns into foam as the liquid runs through the pump.

I wish you all a month of health so that you may enjoy the holidays! I will be back here blogging in a couple of weeks, and it will be my final blog of the year. I will be talking about the reality of what it is like to blog. The team and I have some new ideas for the Parent Voice blog for 2019, so stayed tuned!

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Shirley Blake