My Last Blog…

December 18, 2018, admin

It’s my last blog… of the year! I started blogging in April 2018, and it has been an adventure.

What was it like to blog? It was hard to gauge how many personal details to share. It all worked out with the help of the great people who give me real honest feedback. Thanks, ladies! I naturally held back on sharing personal details, so people like my editor, Jennifer, challenged me to go a little deeper. A few blog topics she challenged me to be more honest and vulnerable were breastfeeding and immunizations. I had to be sincere as to how I navigated through these parent challenges in order to balance making the best decisions for that place-in-time while not letting the mom-guilt get the best of me.

I think writing, whether it is journaling or blogging, is so good for you. It challenges you to write down your thoughts, reflect on them, and see how everything pieces together. For me, blogging brought me back to my past and helped me self-reflect. The most fun part about blogging is being able to be a bilingual blogger — writing a blog in Spanish is so enjoyable and rewarding.

Most personal blog to write: “Breastfeeding: Nature’s Food”

Talking about my body was different but it was also very good. People need to talk more about how your body works!

Blog I was hesitant in sharing: “Healthy Relationships”

I mentioned how I have struggled in my relationship with my mom, not an easy fact but I know many people can relate.

Blogs that made me do some deep thinking and self-reflection: “Transitions & Acknowledging Feelings” and “The Hot Topic: Immunizations”

These blogs took me to my past. The blog about feelings made me think of my decision-making and the events that steered me certain ways in life. I have learned that our thoughts influence our feelings. Cheers to flexible and positive thinking for 2019!

I hope that reading along, you found that you could relate or possibly have learned something. Going forward this upcoming year, we have some fresh ideas for The Parent Voice to incorporate some creative videos and new perspectives, stay tuned!