Introduction to Jessica Frederick

March 15, 2020, admin

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jessica Frederick.  I am so excited to be joining the Pollywog Blog team.  They said I should share a little bit about me. So where do I begin?  Well, I grew up in good old Albany, Oregon.  I have two kids, both girls.  Kya is 3 years old and Josie (JoJo) is 5 months old currently.  They are 3 years and 2 days apart.  We didn’t plan well. (wink wink)  I work full time at LBCC in Family Connections and my husband Kyle works full time as an HVAC Tech with Source Refrigeration.  He also is in the National Guard.   We love to be outdoors.  Go camping.  Sit by a fire. Be at the beach.  Anything that allows us to be in the outdoors.

So why now?  Why share?  I wanted to start sharing my experiences as a parent because I have a lot going on (both good and bad).  Being a mom, wife, teacher, military wife, etc. is hard.  Parenting is hard work.  Rewarding but hard.  I want to remind myself and others out there we aren’t silos experiencing life on our own. We are all working hard, pushing through, trying our best to do our best.  And also I want to remember the funny times too.

So sit down, enjoy my moments of being a parent.  Laugh with me. Cry with me. And remember that parenting is that….parenting.  We are all learning as we go!