Time to Get Ready for Kindergarten!

July 24, 2023, Pollywog Staff

Are you getting ready to send your little superstar off to kindergarten?  Kindergarten is a big step, but with some fun and simple strategies, your child will be all ready to shine bright in school!

Playful Learning for ABCs and 123s

Latino boy in a red shirt holding wooden blocks that spell LEARNLearning the ABCs and numbers is a game for your child. Engage them with fun activities like singing the ABC song together, playing counting games with their toys, and pointing out numbers in their daily life. This helps them be excited about learning.

Storytime Magic

Books can open up new worlds of imagination. Make reading a daily routine. Choose colorful picture books, read with funny voices, and let your child ask questions about the story. This habit will ignite their love for reading and learning.

Practice Responsibility

In school, your child will need to be responsible for things like hanging up their backpack, putting their papers in a folder, and helping to clean up their area. Help them learn to be proud helpers by giving them small responsibilities at home. Asking your child to be in charge of small tasks at home can give them the confidence to take on the new responsibilities of kindergarten.

Let’s Play Pretend School

Group of cute little preschool kids drawing with colorful pencilsPretend play is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the idea of kindergarten. Role-play as the teacher and let them be the student. Use pretend school supplies like a chalkboard or colorful stickers to add excitement. This game will make the first day of school feel like a grand adventure!

Friendships and Fun

In kindergarten, making new friends is super cool! Organize playdates with other kids, visit the park, or attend community events where your child can interact with others their age. Building friendships will make kindergarten a joyful experience.

Celebrate Independence

Teach your child simple tasks like putting on their shoes, cleaning up their toys, and using the bathroom independently. Independence boosts their confidence and helps them feel ready to tackle kindergarten like a champ!

Fine Motor Playtime

bambino che colora sul quadernoEnhance their fine motor skills with creative playtime. Drawing, coloring, cutting with safety scissors, and building with blocks are fun activities that also prepare them for writing and other tasks in kindergarten.

A School Visit Adventure

If possible, visit the kindergarten together before the big day. Explore the classrooms, meet the teachers, and have a peek at where the fun will happen. Familiarity with the school will make your child feel more comfortable and excited about starting kindergarten.

Embrace Emotions with Hugs and Love

Starting kindergarten can be a mix of emotions for your child – excitement, nervousness, and maybe a little fear of the unknown. Be their biggest supporter! Listen to their feelings, give lots of hugs, and assure them that you’ll be there cheering them on every step of the way.

Set Up a Smooth Routine

Starting now, work on moving your child to the routine they will be on in kindergarten. Introduce a morning schedule, snack and lunch times, and a consistent bedtime routine. This will help them feel secure and ready for their big day.

Preparing your child for kindergarten is a journey filled with love and joy. With your encouragement, your little one will be ready to soar in kindergarten, making friends, learning new things, and having the time of their life!