Summer Learning Fun: How to Make Learning Part of Summer Play

July 15, 2024
Summer is a great time for learning and fun! With these exciting activities, you can turn playtime into a fun educational experience.

Elimination Communication

July 8, 2024
Before my daughter was born, I had heard of elimination communication (EC) but quickly wrote it off as not for us. Then 10 months ago it became something I do with my daughter, and I wish we had started sooner! I would love to share with you what elimination communication is, its purpose, and some basic information on getting started.

Lessons 2023 Taught Me as a New Parent  

January 8, 2024
I knew very little about babies and how to care for them before having my little one, and I received a lot of helpful advice from friends and family. I will share some of the information that I found most helpful and a few things I wish I had known earlier.

Cultural Appropriation and Halloween Costumes

October 30, 2023
I am a long way from having complex conversations with my child, such as cultural appropriation. In the meantime, I will be conscious about what my daughter wears for Halloween and how we represent and talk about other cultures in our home.

Please don't Sleep on It! Research Baby Sleep

October 23, 2023
Failing to research sleep has probably been one of my biggest parenting flops so far.

Time to Get Ready for Kindergarten!

July 24, 2023
Are you getting ready to send your little superstar off to kindergarten?  Kindergarten is a big step, but with some fun and simple strategies, your child will be all ready to shine bright in school!

Our Favorite Thing - Kitchen Tower

January 30, 2023
These stools have been the best things for our kids, and we absolutely love them. Yes, they come with some challenges, but it allows our kids to learn independence.

Strider Balance Bike – One of our favorite toys!

August 8, 2022
I never realized how wonderful that bike would be when we got it for him. Even though it did take him a little while to get comfortable riding it, he is now gliding, balancing, and breaking with his feet like a pro.