Fun Facts About Newborns

June 24, 2024
I remember asking my midwife many “Is this normal?” questions during the first days and weeks after my daughter was born. There was a lot I did not know about how newborns look and act.

Parenting in the Age of Technology

June 17, 2024
Technology plays a significant role in our culture, and we want to model healthy boundaries for our child. 

Teaching Body Safety

June 3, 2024
Recently, in the Live and Learn with Your Baby class I attend, we listened to a guest speaker, Marissa, discuss body safety. It can be a difficult topic to talk about (or even think about), but it is essential for the safety and well -being of our kids. I am grateful for a class that was willing to approach this topic so that I could feel more confident about keeping my daughter safe, and so I want to share what I learned.

Choosing Toothpaste

April 8, 2024
Every day, my patients ask me about toothpaste and which one they should use. There are so many options, which can be overwhelming when looking at the many products on the store shelves.

Why Are Tongue Ties Important?

September 11, 2023
Maybe you are wondering why we hear about them much more than we did 20 years ago. Today more research is being done on oral ties and potential health effects.

Preparing for the 4 Month Sleep Regression

August 21, 2023
Lack of sleep has been one of the biggest challenges for me as a new parent, and if you are experiencing this, you have my empathy. It can make parenting feel overwhelming and make it hard to enjoy the newborn phase. Sleep specialists agree that focusing on awake windows, adequate sleep, calorie intake, and a bedtime routine can help set babies up for a better night of sleep.

Oral Ties in Babies and Children

August 14, 2023
More than 30 years ago, when I first became a mom, no one looked in my baby’s mouth, and I had no idea that my daughter had oral ties. Only more recently, I realized that she has oral ties that may have impacted some of the issues she has dealt with over the years.

Time to Get Ready for Kindergarten!

July 24, 2023
Are you getting ready to send your little superstar off to kindergarten?  Kindergarten is a big step, but with some fun and simple strategies, your child will be all ready to shine bright in school!