Christmas Traditions: Opting Out of Santa

December 25, 2023
I'm so grateful for my parents giving me the gift of a magical childhood. I will carry on some traditions from my childhood, others I may not keep, and we will also create new traditions of our own.

Speaking Up and Setting Boundaries

December 18, 2023
Now that my son has just turned a year old, I have been reflecting on this time last year and all our decisions. This year, I plan to speak up more and set better boundaries.

Affordable and Sustainably Minded Holiday Ideas

December 11, 2023
This year, I have made it a goal to reclaim the holiday season and start new traditions with my family that will add fun and meaning during the holiday season. Having a new baby gives my husband and me fresh eyes and a renewed sense of wonder and joy. I am excited to start new family traditions that, hopefully, my daughter will look back on with warmth in her heart.

Cultural Appropriation and Halloween Costumes

October 30, 2023
I am a long way from having complex conversations with my child, such as cultural appropriation. In the meantime, I will be conscious about what my daughter wears for Halloween and how we represent and talk about other cultures in our home.

Traveling with kids – Plane Rides

November 21, 2022
Our very first family vacation traveling via airplane.

Managing Halloween Candy

October 24, 2022
For parents, Halloween can be a source of stress and anxiety in dealing with the huge amounts of candy and other treats that kids collect. Kyle offers ideas to help lessen the stress and simultaneously offer fun for the kids.

Traveling with Children

January 10, 2022
Learning to travel in a car for long periods of time with one kid was a learning process, but with two it was even more of one, especially when one hates being in the car seat. Here are a few of the essentials that have helped with our travel experience.

Delilah Celebrates Halloween

November 8, 2021
We also took Delilah to the pumpkin patch and out trick or treating for Halloween this year.

Holiday Traditions

January 4, 2021
I may be a few days late, but to me it's still the holiday season even after New Year’s Day!

Delilah’s Top 5 Favorite Toys

December 15, 2020
With all focus on toys, I thought it would be fun to share some of Delilah’s favorite toys, even the ones that aren’t intended to be a toy!