Breastfeeding is a Journey

February 12, 2024
I feel like ‘journey’ is the best word to describe my experience of providing Isaiah with breastmilk due to all of the ups, downs, and changes in directions that I faced along the way.

Speaking Up and Setting Boundaries

December 18, 2023
Now that my son has just turned a year old, I have been reflecting on this time last year and all our decisions. This year, I plan to speak up more and set better boundaries.

Overcoming Postpartum Anxiety

November 6, 2023
Of course, babies bring deep happiness and value to our lives, but their arrival can also bring changes that are more difficult to cope with. Like many women, I experienced what was later diagnosed as postpartum anxiety.

Introduction to Natalia

October 2, 2023
Hello friends, my name is Natalia, and I am a first-time mom to a nine-month-old baby boy. My desire with this blog is to spread the message that you’re not alone in whatever you’re experiencing.