Feelings are hard

March 20, 2023
My three-year-old Carson is learning all about his feelings lately, which has been very challenging for the whole family.

Messy Eating and Myofunctional Disorders

March 13, 2023
Is your child a messy eater? Are they super picky about what they eat, and do they prefer softer foods like chicken nuggets, apple sauce, and the like? Do they take a long time to finish a meal, or do they never finish it? What about eating so fast that they do not chew their food?

Our Favorite Thing - Kitchen Tower

January 30, 2023
These stools have been the best things for our kids, and we absolutely love them. Yes, they come with some challenges, but it allows our kids to learn independence.

Another Hospital Visit

January 16, 2023
About a month after being admitted to the hospital with RSV, Caleb ended up getting sick again and going to the hospital.

Samaritan Health Services: Know When to Seek Care for Colds & Flu

December 26, 2022
How do you know when to call the doctor or make an appointment? Should you go to the urgent care or emergency department? Hear are some tips from Samaritan Health Services.

Samaritan Health Services: My Child Is Sick, Could It Be RSV?

December 12, 2022
Among the germs making the seasonal rounds is the respiratory syncytial virus, known as RSV. Cases of RSV are increasing nationwide and are rising Oregon.  Sometimes RSV can cause severe disease in children under 2 years old – especially infants under 6 months old, and older adults.

All About Xylitol

December 5, 2022
Have you ever heard of xylitol, or better yet, have you ever tried it?

Traveling with kids – Plane Rides

November 21, 2022
Our very first family vacation traveling via airplane.