Family Closeness and Support

August 24, 2020
When I met my now husband Kody, he too valued family. Over the years both of our families have been very supportive as we became parents and have grown over the years. Knowing that we can count on our families for support has been a great blessing!

Delilah Takes to the Skies

August 17, 2020
Since Delilah was born almost the exact day Oregon went into quarantine, I’ve joked that her car seat and diaper bag have been the least used baby items we purchased.

Decision-Making as Parents: The 4Cs

August 10, 2020
As parents, we decisions to make when it comes to childcare, preschool, and school for the coming school year. Parenting has many challenges and now there is an added layer of complexity because of COVID-19.

Adventures in Making Baby Food

August 4, 2020
At Delilah’s last well-baby visit, the doctor gave the go ahead to start feeding her solid food and it has been so exciting!

Preparing for Fall

July 27, 2020
As a parent that likes to plan ahead, I have been asking myself, “What can I plan for fall?”

Well-Baby Visit: Four Months

July 20, 2020
Last Thursday was a big day for us! It was time for one of our very seldom trips out of the house with Delilah.

Simplicity This Summer

July 13, 2020
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I am very open about being bicultural. I grew up with traditions, foods, and ways of doing things that are different than most folks within my community.

The Ups and Downs of Exclusively Pumping

July 6, 2020
Things are going well, even on the days where I’m a tired, milk-soaked mess, asking Delilah how she feels about formula.

Camping: A Family Adventure

June 29, 2020
Camping really should be enjoyable as much as possible. Camping with young children is demanding but it gives everyone an opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, individually and together.

Hitting the Gym

June 22, 2020
As parents, it can be so hard just to keep up with everything going on at home and often our health gets put on the back burner.