Affordable and Sustainably Minded Holiday Ideas

December 11, 2023
This year, I have made it a goal to reclaim the holiday season and start new traditions with my family that will add fun and meaning during the holiday season. Having a new baby gives my husband and me fresh eyes and a renewed sense of wonder and joy. I am excited to start new family traditions that, hopefully, my daughter will look back on with warmth in her heart.

Oral Care When You Are Sick

December 4, 2023
It is no fun to be sick, and when we feel lousy, the last thing we probably think about is taking care of our teeth and gums. But when you are sick, taking care of your good oral health is more important than you might think.

An Overview of Cloth Diapering

November 20, 2023
I will share my cloth diapering experience and hopefully help answer questions that folks who are new to cloth diapering have.

Postpartum Preparation

November 13, 2023
Though all new parents are sure to face challenges in the postpartum period, it can be a joyous time, and I would love to share a few tips on setting yourself up for success postpartum.

Overcoming Postpartum Anxiety

November 6, 2023
Of course, babies bring deep happiness and value to our lives, but their arrival can also bring changes that are more difficult to cope with. Like many women, I experienced what was later diagnosed as postpartum anxiety.

Cultural Appropriation and Halloween Costumes

October 30, 2023
I am a long way from having complex conversations with my child, such as cultural appropriation. In the meantime, I will be conscious about what my daughter wears for Halloween and how we represent and talk about other cultures in our home.

Please don't Sleep on It! Research Baby Sleep

October 23, 2023
Failing to research sleep has probably been one of my biggest parenting flops so far.

Alleviating Fear of the Dentist

October 16, 2023
Are you or your child afraid of the dentist? Here are some tips to help you both feel less scared and more excited about seeing the dentist.

A New Mother’s Advice on Breastfeeding

October 9, 2023
I knew early on that I wanted to breastfeed. What I didn’t know was what a learning process it would be for me and my baby.

Introduction to Natalia

October 2, 2023
Hello friends, my name is Natalia, and I am a first-time mom to a nine-month-old baby boy. My desire with this blog is to spread the message that you’re not alone in whatever you’re experiencing.